Stahl L148 käsivalaisin

• For use in the safe area
• Latest LED technology
• Very high light intensity
• Low weight
• Lamp head pivoting by 190°
• Main light continuously dimmable
• Long battery life
• Ergonomic one-hand operation

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The L148 series LED portable lamp for use in non-hazardous areas is ergonomically designed to enable you to operate it with one hand. Its brightness can also be freely adjusted. Switching it to flashing mode allows you to use it as a signal beacon if required. Coloured diffusing lenses are available as accessories for this. The pivoting lamp head allows you to direct the light cone virtually anywhere. The portable lamp is approved for use in vehicles, and when connected to the charging unit, has an emergency lighting function.

•For use in the safe area
•Latest LED technology
•Very high light intensity
•Low weight
•Lamp head pivoting by 190°
•Main light continuously dimmable
•Long battery life
•Ergonomic one-hand operation