KSEA 504 CO hiilimonoksidilähetin

CO hiilimonoksidilähetin mm. pysäköintihallien ja tietunneleiden valvontaan. 0 … 500 ppm

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• The gas detector measures the selected gas concentration
• linearized and temperature-compensated 4-20 mA output signal
• 16…30 VDC supply voltage (2-wire or 3-wire cable)
• various gas sensor technologies available (electrochemical,
Infrared, pellistor, semiconductor)
• factory calibration with calibration certificate to the specified
measuring range
• Zero & Span potentiometers and calibration jack socket
accessible from outside without opening the gas detector
• water- and dust-proof IP 65 enclosure
• rust-proof and acid-resitant steel enclosure
• Swiss-Made