Coax RMK / RFK Green Line

suoraohjattu 2/2-koaksiaaliventtiili

RMK/RFK valves of the green line™ series exemplified by the RMK 25 NC / RFK 25 NC

The green line™ series has been specially developed as an energy efficient series of solenoid valves. For this reason directly-controlled standard valves from müller co-ax have been paired with completely new, patented control electronics.



  • power supply 24 V DC
  • actuation signal for mode „open / closed“: 24 V dig
  • medium and ambient temperature: -20°C to +100°C
  • valve edition with electronics in the terminal box
  • optical and electrical position indicator
  • orifice 15, 20, 25, 32, 40
  • PN 16, 40, 64, 100 bar
  • 2/2 way function NC

Features Damped Mode open / closed

  • reproducible damping speed
  • no more opening and water hammer
  • end position indicator „open / closed“ optically and electrically integrated
  • fully automatic energy reduction of the magnets of up to 80%
  • no more warming-up of the magnet, the magnet stays cold
  • spring return for voltage drop of the magnets